23rd January, 2021.

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Translation software is capable of delivering disastrous results. With the following example, the result is even complete nonsense. For mature readers, this is not surprising at all: Robots do not have the ability to differentiate like a human being, who has been spending years on learning, and this on all imaginable levels.
Surprising however is the enormous success of those fully automated programs ( – I remember my landlord once saying that translators are expendable nowadays because there are computer programs that can do the same work... – ) comparable in this respect to the business of drugs: there are horrendous sums involved, so people do not even dare to criticize it publicly; although, in the end, the destructive effects are not to be ignored any longer.

Why translation software often is not even helpful, but very misleading, so we can only warn you not to use it without discernment.
A detailed analysis of mistakes in one specific case.

Warum Übersetzer-Software zumindest sehr häufig nicht einmal hilfreich, sondern in hohem Grade irreführend ist,
so dass man vor deren unüberlegter Anwendung nur warnen kann.

Eine detaillierte Fehleranalyse in einem konkreten Einzelfall. (June 2016 and July 2017)


Some of my references from 1997 to 2001:

in France and Belgium, which I had the chance to translate a wide variety of commentaries for (mostly from French to German, sometimes from English to German). They refer to permanent and temporary exhibitions or historical buildings. I would be very glad to receive any other kind of texts too, such as technical, biological, literary, theological, philosophic or philological explanations or descriptions, which I could translate into plain German for you.

Nobody knows anything about the intrigues that are very likely to be realized when it comes to interesting communications between people. Nevertheless we should think about ways of breaking this enormous modern cruelty which consists in preventing people from communicating although this belongs to fundamental human rights. The following space is therefore meant to acknowledge receipt of messages (letters, emails or other ones received by phone) I do not reply to immediately. They are noted here by the simple mark of the senders´ initials and the day I received the message.
The email-address I gave you last time, is not valid any longer because I do not get access to it. It has been locked without any alleged or legitimate reason.

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