Very grateful thanks are due to Mrs Fella Myara, the managing director of ESPRO FRANCE, whose wisdom opened to me one of the most fruitful times of my professional life. With her exceptional sensitivity she was able to recognize other people´s natural leanings and true aptitudes. She gave me the marvellous opportunity to develop my ways and techniques of translating mainly explanations on varied subjects. Working on assignments from Belgian and French museums has been an original task, often as inspiring as cheerful, e.g. on those days when we were all sitting together in some recording studio. It is only now – after so many years – that I have learnt from several other experiences to hold in very high esteem her great sense of humour and her circumspection in managing the always valuable assignments in their various aspects. All the more it is weighing on my mind that a long time after I had passed the probationary period a kind of insidious intrigue aimed at annihilating my main activity in a manner that eventually turned out to be rather brutish.

Annette Rochol  
      in November 2012

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