Untrue Informations propagated by the German Federal Authorities in Bonn.


As to the black parts, the two pages I have scanned and inserted above, are the same the German federal authorities in Bonn put online, presenting them as if they were my curriculum vitae. The blue parts on the same pages contain my detailed analysis of all the informations which do not correspond to my real cv (as you can easily check on my home page by visiting the link "Werdegang", also in English).

The following links lead to the same files: → page 1/ 1/ in fact: page 1 / 2, → another page 1/ 1/ in fact: page 2 / 2.
In the following, you can get the original pages without any corrections: → page 1/ 1/ in fact: p.1/2 and → another page 1/ 1/ in fact: p.2/2, such as the documents which prove that my name is actually explicit in → line n° 275,

and that there is no means for me to contradict the false claims on those online-pages – as during the previous years (s. my file about the "Perfidie"; the defamatory statements began in 2014, perhaps even earlier when it was claimed that I had spent ten years on studying German as a foreign language in Paris before obtaining a Bachelor in this subject) –

In → line 541, it becomes clear that changements can only be made by an office worker.

So first I´m not allowed to correct my online-cv on my own although I have shown them the certificates. I think it is not difficult for the Authorities to find out if I told the truth or not. And second the employees are not allowed to make the slightest reference to my website, where I placed all my scanned diplomas (see the link "Werdegang").

Every reader will be able to draw his or her own conclusions from all this. Some of them might be afraid that I may be unable to find a new remunerated job in these circumstances.

Annette Rochol
in May 2017.